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DLCraft AddonPack

Does vanilla Minecraft feel easy? If so, this DLCraft AddonPack is for you. This AddonPack will make your survival experience very hard with many bosses and a leveling system!


DLCRAFT, the DL standing for Dead Life, or basically, you’re going to die… a lot. I selected many addons to fit the RPG playstyle I wanted in Minecraft.


Key Features:

  • You Can’t Get Wood Directly
  • Natural Regeneration Removed
  • Randomised Spawn If You Didn’t Set Your Respawn Point
  • Night Siege
  • Ruins, Structures And Dungeons
  • New Skill Leveling System (Yet Not Implemented In This Beta)
  • Mobs & Bosses, From The Forgotten Legends, Spry Conquest, Haunted Armor
  • Tartarean Mobs Variants
  • Infected Parasites (Yet Not In This Beta)
  • Trickets & Rings That Gives Potion Effects
  • New Weapons & Tools
  • New Magic Items
  • New Enchantments & Potions
  • Village Bounty
  • Presence Footsteps
  • Fishing Culture
  • Many More…



Fanimation by fieryabyss

Better Mob Animations by Raboy13

3D Dripstone by Needyllama

Oberon Boss by Azoz

Haunted Armor by Willian Sixteen

The Forgotten Legends by Smaug049

Spry Conquest by GrimmWasTaken

Item Physics by Coptaine

Ruins by HungKaioZ

Abandoned & Ruin Structures by NicoTheKid

Nico’s More Mineshaft by NicoTheKid

Creeping Crypts by ElektrikaDev

Cloud Trapdoors by LordCloud

Ender Awakening by Ikorbon

Simple Backpack by TnKTMCPE

Presence Footsteps,

Tartarean Mobs,


Lost Items,

True Start,

Knowledge Experience,

Better Weaponry,

Terraria Trinkets BE,

Dungeon Tower,

Tumble Weed,

Trumpet Skeleton,

Lode Eye,

Village Bounty,

Mounte Whistle,

Experience Tome,

Night Siege,

Food Expansion BE, Continued,

Azure Culture,

Advance Fishing BE,

Charm BE,

Eye o World,

Inspirations BE & Bunch O’ Foliage by ZhyuroKun


DLCraft V1.2 (mediafire)





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you should add a guide on how this modpack works


I know it’s not the intention of the modpack, but do you intend to make a version without hard mode? I really liked the modpack and would use it on a RP server, but my friends didn’t like it much because it forces some game rules without being able to change them.


Nice mod. Btw is there any plan to add Class System in future update?


This Modpack/AddonPack is great I really enjoyed playing it keep it up. BTW I found a bug or something When you sneak then go to the top of a block while holding a gravel then place it sometimes you get duplication glitch for the stick


Hello, Dead life!

I’m a huge fan of Dlcraft and have a suggestion that I believe many players would love: adding compatibility with the Action Stuff addon. Combining Dlcraft’s detailed RPG elements with Action Stuff’s animations and visual effects could take game immersion to the next level.


Yes, this is really the best mod I’ve ever seen.

Last edited 1 month ago by Gytgsan
Phúc quang

Didn’t play yet, but saw someone made a serie about it so i’ll give it a try w/ my friends 😀


Great Modpack,I enjoyed playing it.

Last edited 13 days ago by Fanofplate

What mods is this compatible with


Hi, does this used player.json?


Como faço para colocar no meu Minecraft?


How do you get fishing rods and fishing gear? I cant find the recipes for any items of this category.


will this lag on a mobile device?


Which MC version is this modpack compatible with? And what do you plan to add in the new update?


Can you Add this update in Mcpedl cause I cant install my mods using the standard method


Dude this mod pack is literally the best, haven’t ran across any issues except Oberon isn’t appearing textured. Could just be on my end but I reinstalled the addon twice and it didn’t fix. Keep up the great work!

skibidi sigma

Oberon texture is bugged


Cara não sei se isso é um bug ou não mas quando você morre e reaparece em um lugar que você nunca andou ou no meio do mar tá certo isso? Assim fica impossível progredir

Last edited 23 days ago by Weslley

How do I get plank in 1.20.1 on dlcraft addon?


me n my friend create a iron farm, when it finished waypoint spawning with the golem, change the farm from iron farm to waypoint farm :’)


Hey vatonage,Where is the create mod on your site???

Last edited 18 days ago by iliketrains123

Sorry about this but how we can enable coordinates?

Abhishek Chhikara

Notreepunching module not working properly as i am unable to get flint shards , i somehow managed to put knappable flint from files of version 1.1 but to knap is a different world , i ttied fidgetting with some more event and command files but its no use , please fix it , else everything is great


is the only way to get planks is by continuously interactive with wood?


pls planks


the add on didnt work even when i activated all of the experiemental settings :/


Alguém me ajuda não consigo baixar


How to get planks?


Hello 1.21.2 is out. Anyone noticed?


my game keep crashing when i try to enter the world ;(


How to combine enchanted tunneling book for tools?


How to make a fishing rod, please make a list of how to make the item


Basically a good mod, but speaking of the tree… For version 1.21 (I downloaded the mod version for 1.21) it does not work at all (I have beta Then I downloaded the mod for 1.20.80.


I just encounter one bug that I cannot fix, the book I use to upgrade my knowledge is gone.


How can I get undead essence?

ddude (@ddudethefirst(on YT))

what does the heart sound mean and could yu PLSadd an info book you spawn with thnks for youre time.


Its not lagging but its making my Minecraft force close


Hello, so I would like to know when the addon update to 1.21 will be released?


tag natural regeneration not work


Why i can’t break a spawner?


Oberon Boss doesn’t have skin texture and so doesn’t big ruin blocks I think that’s what it called please fix bug great addon by the way.


Mori y perdí mis libros hay alguna manera de recuperarlos?

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