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Storage Terminal

A small terminal that allows you to manage, search, sort and save items in a large number of chests at once.

# How does it work?

The main functionality of the addon is to manage a large number of chests from a single block, from the storage management terminal you can save, obtain, sort and search for items.

To start managing your chests you must first place a terminal where you want, then place cables from the terminal to all the chests you want to connect, and then you simply have to interact with the terminal.

When the terminal menu is displayed, the first thing you will see is a list of all the chests you have connected, the search button and the more options button.

# How to save items:

To save an item to a specific chest, select the chest, go to container options and select one of the three options available for saving items.

After selecting an item, simply choose the quantity you want to store in the chest, and you’re done.

# How to get items:

To obtain an item from a chest, you must select a chest, then the item you want, and finally the quantity you wish to obtain.

# Remotely connect to the terminal

Connecting remotely to the terminal can be very useful for saving items when your inventory is full or for grabbing items like tools or food.

To remotely connect to a terminal, you must first add it to the device’s list of terminals. To do this, interact with the terminal while holding the device in your hand, and press the add button. After that, the terminal will be added to the device with the name you have chosen.

The signal is measured by the number of active chunks around the terminal so you can improve the signal by increasing the simulation distance in your world settings.

# Terminal Settings

AllChest: This option allows you to configure the maximum number of chests per page in the all containers option in more options in the main menu. (Showing two chests would be the same as showing 108 buttons if the chests were completely full – 54 slots per chest)

MainMenu: Here you can configure the maximum number of chests per page in the main menu.

The two previous options exist to prevent the game from freezing temporarily since on low or mid-range devices the game could freeze for several seconds when trying to load a large number of buttons.

Hide empty chest: Activating this option will hide all empty chests in the main menu list.

Only show search results: This option will hide the secondary items that are inside the chests that matched your search.

Close menu when taking an item: The terminal menu will close immediately when the player takes an item from a chest.

Close menu when saving an item: The terminal menu will close immediately when the player saves an item in a chest.

Ignore identifiers when searching for items: This refers to the fact that the namespace of the identifiers of an item will be ignored, for example if you search for the word “minecraft” without activating this option, all the vanilla items in the game would match the search since all the items in the game contain this namespace: (“minecraft:diamond”, “minecraft:redstone”, “minecraft:stick”, “minecraft:stone”)

After having added the terminal to the device, you must interact with the item (right click or press the screen) and a list of all the terminals will be displayed. In the list you can see the signal that that terminal has, the name and the coordinates where it is located.

Crafting and other details here <—

# How to install
Download and install the behavior pack and resource pack.
Activate both the behavior and the resource pack in your world settings.
Activate the options “Holiday Creator Features” and “Beta APIs” for the correct operation of the addon.

# Basic demonstration of some functions:
Youtube Video

Storage Terminal (V1.1.3) (.mcaddon) (1.21.0+)
Storage Terminal (V1.1.2) (.mcaddon) (1.20.80)
Storage Terminal (V1.1.0) (.mcaddon) (1.20.70)
Storage Terminal (V1.1.0) (.mcaddon) (1.20.60)





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